Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Better Start Walking the Walk If I'm Talking the Talk

A bag full of snakes. No, octopuses. Yes, a bag full of octopuses with their tentacles grabbing me and coming close to setting the man in front of us on fire with our candle.

That was what #3 felt like for the entire 1.5 hour Christmas program at our church tonight. She would not be still. I brought nothing to entertain her with because after all, she is the ripe old age of six, and she should pay complete attention to everything happening on stage. Especially all the talking. Because she really understands exactly what everyone was talking about, particularly the African rendition of Noel (which was FABULOUS). Can you see your screen dripping with sarcasm (except the fabulous part, because that was true!)? No, it did not hold her attention and I think I spoke too many times through gritted teeth, just like I do at all the events I expect her to quietly be a spectator.

If I'm going to be doing this Mary-thing I better pay closer attention to my kids instead of treating them like scenery sometimes. Half way through the program I finally smiled down at #3 and then at The Husband, realizing this little wiggle worm would be all grown up someday and she is just wired a little more rambunctious than some other kids. In combination with a full day of school, a long car ride and then straight into church should have raised a red flag. But, as usual, I was mission oriented. Feed the family, get seats, talk to my friends, clean up the food we didn't eat and uhh-ohhhh! Where is #3? She was bored and I can't say I could blame her. I only tried half-heartedly to keep her occupied. I will plan better next time by trying to give her some wide open area to run around in before she is confined into a tight space and expected to be quiet and still for almost 2 hours! Thankfully, we snacked on some cookies after the service and she had some wide open space to explore with friends, so the night ended on a good note!

I'm so glad this child adores me, because I am not the best of mommies some days! But, His mercies are new every morning and I get a fresh start to make a difference in their lives tomorrow. It is really time for me to go beyond the status quo on a more consistent basis.

The morning after: I have to add that the Christmas program was wonderful and my other girls enjoyed it and sat calmly. This post was never intended to imply that #3 was bored because it was not interesting enough to hold her attention! It was probably one of my favorite ones!


CampHillGirl said...

It was a hard service for kids--did you hear all of them? My kids are normally in bed between 7:30 and 8:00, so they were tired and droopy, but there were LOTS of cranky, wiggly, talking kids. But the Noel song was fantastic... and the Hess trio and the last song and lots else...

Hands-Free Heart said...

My little octopi were both very wiggly. They, like camphillgirl's kids, go to bed by 7:30, but they quickly go beyond tired and droopy, to cranky and hyper. Although personally I too thought it was fabulous, as a mom of young ones I felt that it went on way too long.

Last year I had told Squiggly Wiggly, "when it's over, we'll have cookies". Wrong thing to say! I learned my lesson this year, so I told him "They're going to give cookies to anyone who stays and watches the whole thing!" To some extent, that helped him a little, at least until 8:00. But 8:40... oh my! Good thing we're keeping him home from school for the weather today, because he's still sleeping, 2 hours after his wakeup time!

Beautiful Grace said...

I missed the program, but I am certain it was wonderful. The programs ALWAYS are wonderful!!! As far as your wiggle worm cutie, I remember that season of mommyhood. :O

I am a little ahead of you on the mommy path, and I can say the wiggle worm stage gives way to other stages, each with its blessings and challenges.

May the Lord bless and empower you in whatever "stage" you are dealing with. :)

Classic MaMa said...

:) Just wanted to agree with all of you as I got up, I think 4 times, with Bubba. It was great, but I agree, a bit too long. We ALL feel bad when we know our kids are not having fun. It's okay, Meliss, it's new day! :)