Thursday, December 6, 2007

What's New

1. Headache. Pounding headache.

2. The Dog got an early Christmas present. A new shock collar (sinister laughter). I got to try it out this morning as she nearly bit my hand off trying to retrieve one of #3's socks that was already partially swallowed. A little zap and the sock popped out. It was a beautiful thing. Don't worry, I am using this form of discipline sparingly....when you have 102 pound Dobie she needs to know who is boss!

3. 2-hour delay. The only problem is that in my semi-comatose state I checked the computer quickly for any delays and not seeing one, got #1 up and waited for the bus. When the bus was 6 minutes late I turned on the TV, saw the delay and we all went back to bed!

4. Some pictures of #1 serving as mayor at JA Biztown. If you don't know what that is, you can check out their website here. I worked in the radio station and it was a lot of fun and the kids learned a lot (the CEOs and CFOs learned a lot about STRESS and multiple people demanding your attention at the same time). Our mayor was so busy she had to work through her lunch break (but, she did take a few minutes to scarf down her sandwich with her proud mama!).

City Hall was a busy place!

These are the DJ's and the CEO I got to work with at the radio station They did a great job! I didn't care for their music choices, but everyone else seemed to like it!

One of two speeches that #1 had to give in the town square.

This is the poster in the radio station that I commented on when we were at training. I told several staff members that it was inappropriate and I thought it should be removed. I asked them if one of their volunteers showed up dressed like that would they allow that person to interact with the kids. We are there to teach these kids about being professional and I have a hard time doing that when trashy pictures are hanging on the wall! They all agreed it was inappropriate and are awaiting a replacement from their headquarters. They apologized when I was there yesterday that it had not already been removed. They said none of them really noticed it before, but they seemed embarrassed about it. I do believe that they will pay better attention to things like this in the future. I'm just disappointed that no one else ever spoke up about it. They have 5th and 6th grade classes in this facility almost every day of the school year and that's just so wrong!

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Classic MaMa said...

It sems as though both of you are thriving at school. It's like you belong there!

Nice job with the poster. You are making a difference there by pointing out things that others just seem to accept as normal. Yeah!