Friday, December 28, 2007

My Last Hersheypark Happy Post for Awhile


Last night we went to Christmas Candylane at my beloved theme park, yet, the visit was bittersweet (get it? bitter SWEET? I just crack myself up sometimes!). The sad part is that we will not be getting season passes next year for a variety of reasons. The most important reason being the large sum of money that would require. The second reason being that my kids cannot agree on any rides they all want to go on with the exception of The Reece's Cup Challenge. And, lastly, it gets so crowded that if we don't go a dozen or so times in May and June we just won't get our money's worth since we avoid the park like the plague in July and August. With soccer and softball, camps and VBS I don't see us having a lot of time to go over to the park in the early summer.

But, a break is good. Absence will make our hearts grow fonder and I may volunteer a few times to get a couple of one day passes that we can use for a marathon day from open to close since it will be our only trip of the summer. Wow, that was a long sentence. Sorry. I'm a bit on holiday recovery. Seriously, I've slept long and hard this week.

Without further ado, here are some more pics from our lovely stroll through the sweetest place on earth. In honor of our last trip of the year to HP, we bought the girls gigantic custom made cupcakes afterwards at Chocolate World (don't worry, we only let them eat half a cupcake, the rest is saved for today).

That dumb hat was bothering me all night. Could I look any dorkier??!!

Apparently I was not the only one experiencing hat trouble.

This would be a great family picture if my hideous puffy coat wasn't taking up most of the picture frame.

Awwww.....aren't they so cute??


Beautiful Grace said...

You are blessed!!!

Sandy said...

Oh we LOVE HP. The new water park is great, and you are right it gets so packed out in July and Aug. The year round passes are nice, but they are expensive. We have a fresh air child who comes every summer, ( he gets in free) and we can usually find some cheap, heavily discounted passes locally so we usually go once a year. But I have never been to the Candy Lane.
Enjoyed your blog!