Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Kudos to Kohl's and Panera

I would like to become the new Kohl's poster child. I had gotten #3 a winter coat a few weeks ago on sale for $27 (it was normally about $50) and the zipper stuck. After finally not being able to work it and it being almost brand new I took it (dirty, I might add) void of all tags, UPC codes and receipts back to the Kohl's I bought it from. I did bring my charge statement that simply said "girls outerwear - $27.00". I was hoping for a quick even exchange, but they did not have anymore of these coats left. After the kid's department employee checked their stockroom and still found none, I headed over to customer service hoping they would at least credit my charge and I could start from scratch, although the cheapest coats they had left were $105 (but were on sale for 50% off). I figured I'd take my $27 and hit a consignment shop except that #3 is so very picky and the coat could not be puffy. NO PUFFY COATS or I will receive wrath and refusal and perhaps, an all out mutiny at my house. My kids beg me not to wear my own puffy coat. After telling the customer service rep what happened she told me to go pick another coat from the same brand name and she would "even exchange" it. But....I feebly explained...the only coats left are much more expensive then this coat. She said it was store policy and even asked the other customer service associate. My legs were wobbly as I went and picked out an amazing $105 coat for #3. I apologized several times for not keeping the receipt to which the response was "this is not your fault, we are sorry". WOW! I think I floated out of the store.

My other cool story involved a wonderful Panera manager who comped #3's and my ENTIRE meal because I had called in about a bad cup of soup #1 had gotten about a month ago and they told me next time it would be on the house. So, when I tried to pay for the other food we ordered besides the soup, the manager insisted on taking care of the entire bill and apologized several times, explaining that this was the right thing for her to do and she wanted to personally make our food this time. It was delicious. And, it was FREE!


Hands-Free Heart said...

I had a similar experience at Panera. They forgot to put the chicken in my to-go salad. I really couldn't go back to get another. I called and they told me right then that the next time I come in, to ask for [insert manager's name] and they would give me a complete meal free. When I went in, they actually fed me and my child(ren) that day! (I can't remember if I had them both with me or not... but whoever was with me, we all got free meals and drinks).

Beautiful Grace said...

Wow!!! God's favor has manifested over your family!!! Awesome!!! He is opening the windows of heaven in order to pour His blessings out on you!! :)

The Gang's All Here! said...

I love stories like that! Happened to LadyBug and some crappy quality bathing suits - after less than 1/2 the summer they were both see-thru and Kohl's gave me full credit for to new ones. Happy Kohl's shoppers keep coming back :)

I especially love this post in light of the nasty "retail emails" that are going around now about who isn't using "Christmas" in their advertising or store greetings, etc. It's not THEIR job to teach society how to acknowledge the meaning of the holiday - it's merely a symptom of how the culture has acknowledged the holiday. We can't expect the godless to acknowledge God - that's why we are here - to SHOW them God. Mmmmm, I feel a post coming on. So I'll stop there. :)

Anonymous said...

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