Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Our Christmas in Pictures

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I don't need to say much!

This was party #1 kicking off our 3-day Christmas extravaganza of family parties. How do you like #3's nice warm winter clothes she is wearing?

Enjoying a little Christmas Eve bubble bath in our jacuzzi tub (a special treat).

We even baked some cookies on Christmas Eve. And, I didn't yell or stress out about all the sprinkles on the floor. And, on the table. And, on the counters. And, on The Dog.

GAS even got into the cookie decorating (she took it very seriously).

Here are some of the snowmen we made for our Advent project. We tried to make something homemade for each family member. How do you like the snowman 2nd from the right (we named him Franken-snowman)!

The Husband started putting together #3's play kitchen at 11:25 pm on Christmas Eve.

This was what time it was when the kitchen was in the stage pictured above! He finished 3 minutes shy of an hour and a half. Let's just say I was snoring away by the time he was done.

This was how we "wrapped" the play kitchen for Christmas morning!

Christmas morning (we made #3 put on her Christmas jammies instead of the shorts and tank top she slept in.)

Jumping for joy. Her exact words: OH MY WORD! OH MY WORD! IT IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED! Repeat that sequence about 12 times. Loudly.

The Dog got a present; although this would have been more appropriate.

My patient father with my children....aka The Dog Stalkers

#1 with her dream dog (which is actually my soon-to-be step sister's dog)

#3 was in doggie heaven playing with my soon-to-be stepsister's other dog. The dog looks a little stressed here, wouldn't you say? Her eyes are pleading desperately for help....

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