Monday, December 10, 2007

Kicking Myself

I'm so mad at myself for procrastinating! I woke up early this morning to order #3's play kitchen for Christmas at the Wal-mart website. They have an option called "ship to store" that sends the item right to your closest Wal-mart and you do not have to pay the shipping charges. Sooooooo, I had her kitchen all picked out (I had to go with a bigger KidKraft style since she is six and most of them are made for 3 year olds!) and as I pulled up the page I was shocked to read OUT OF STOCK.


It was the only kitchen I wanted and I researched and researched and this was the best price.

The problem is that even if they get more in stock over the next few weeks, they do not guarantee delivery by December 24th after today. I am stubbornly refusing to "settle" for another kitchen, particularly a more expensive one, since there will be no more younger siblings to pass it down to! I've really have to be purposeful when I buy her things, because she should be allowed to have 6-year old toys, even if she is the last 6-year old to live here. My first impulse is to skip the bath tub toys and "little" girl toys because I've already been there and done that twice and she can just play with what we have! It was always easier buying stuff like this for the older girls because it could get handed down and I'd feel like I got my money's worth! But, I'm trying to indulge her this year because she has wanted one for a long time.

I will no longer rob her of her childhood (here comes the Drama Queen)....I will find her a toy kitchen that is suitable for her and in my price range. It is my mission today. So, as much as I wanted to post pictures of our weekend of The Husband pulling the girls on a sled attached to his 4-wheeler and pictures of #1's Christmas party with 10 middle schoolers at our house, I must begin my search for the darling KidKraft kitchen that is out there somewhere with #3's name on it.

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Natalie said...

Don't leave us hanging...did you get a kitchen?