Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Is That A Light at the End of the Tunnel I See?

After weeks of sending out resumes and hearing nothing in return. After weeks of second guessing myself. After weeks of wondering if I'll be the new "fry guy" at McDonald's.

We have some possibilities, good possibilities on the horizon. The best looking one so far didn't come from anything other then another PTO mom who said she would love to have me come work with her for a university hospital in the "sweetest place on earth". I would be a research coordinator, perfect hours (9-3), excellent pay, amazing benefits. The drawback is that interviews are still a month out (she had the inside scoop) and it is not a guaranteed offer. The good news is that she's pretty high up on the food chain and I have her fooled into thinking I'm a creative, energetic go-getter (smoke and mirrors, people....smoke and mirrors). Did I mention that my family and I would receive 75% off college tuition at this university? My girls are going to look fabulous in navy and white! Woo-hoo!

Option #2 is a phone interview with a company that is (I'm not exaggerating) a minute's drive from our house. So, that makes it a 2-minute drive from school. I picture myself taking my lunch breaks to help at Kid Writing and stopping by for school lunches and class parties. It is for an admin assistant position so I have no idea what it pays and what the hours are. I hope to find out more in the interview. Close proximity is making this a front runner.

I already had to turn down an offer to interview for an aide position at our high school and a managing partnership position in Subway Restaurants because the hours were either too early or too many! And, since I wasn't willing to work nights and weekends, Hershey never called for a second interview in their catering and sales department. I'm being very specific in my prayers for this en devour and I'm not going to drop my standards even though it sounded like a cool job.

I'm also fairly certain I'll be contacted for an interview for two other event planning / administrative positions that I may enjoy having that I just sent in resumes for. But, they are not as conveniently located so I'm not going to put many eggs in those 2 baskets.

I'll keep the updates coming....I just may be gainfully employed and home when the bus pulls up after all!

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Hands-Free Heart said...

That's great that you're seeing some leads! Me too, and just in the past 2 weeks.