Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lesson #4 - Laughter is Like Medicine for the Soul

This is sort of a series on my last week at camp, so please start at the beginning here.

I'm ending my camp series with some pictures that remind me of some of the many things we laughed over at camp. Below is a picture of the adult dinner and we were the loudest table there! We LOVE the couples that we were with and laughed and snorted through our entire dinner! Do you like my pretty blue dress in this picture?

Now, does my pretty blue dress look as nice on The Husband??!! He and one of the friends in the above picture decided to "crash" the Ladies Tea because they heard the food was good. We kicked them and their Dollar Store hair outta there!

The picture below was the night that kids were supposed to dress as their parents and parents like their kids. We figured The Husband already showed up in drag so he shouldn't throw on one of my bathing suits and pretend to be #3! It's okay though....#2 is a FSU fan just like her daddy, so he wore his own shirt! Poor brainwashed little #2......she does look really cute in his ATV shirt though!
By the time we left camp we were completely refreshed and I had almost lost my entire voice from all the carrying on! We felt so blessed and the countdown has begun for next year!

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Livin' Life said...

Those were great posts. That camp sounds pretty cool. We might have to investigate next summer.:)