Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lesson #1 - We Are "Invited"

This is sort of a series on my last week at camp, so please start at the beginning here.

For the past 5 years we have gone to a family Christian camp in Halifax. It has become a family reunion of sorts and I leave spiritually refreshed and physically exhausted. In previous years we had gone to camp there had been a tremendous amount of stress in our lives, selling a restaurant, opening a restaurant, closing down a failed restaurant, working a job we couldn't survive on and moving. This year we have no major transitions happening other then my anxiety over going back to work in the fall. And, until I got to camp I didn't realize how much I have been worrying about it and thinking through a hundred different scenarios. My mama's heart keeps getting in the way of wanting to go back to work full-time. I was filled with a lot of conflict and confusion. I want to be here when they get home from school to hear about their daily triumphs and tough times. That's the way it has always been and I don't think any of us are looking forward to changing this. Plus, those random days off from school for in-service and holidays are like mini-celebrations in our family. I don't want to have to miss them due to work.

Now, God knew what I needed. I needed to have a bit of an attitude adjustment. It was time to trust Him. I had forgotten that those desires and dreams I have for a "job" were placed in me by my Creator. He designed me and rather then merely place a "call" on my life, He places an "invitation". It is up to me to accept His invitation to join Him in what He's doing. That doesn't mean I miss out on the storms in life, but I have to trust that He is there to calm them when they pass through.

So, He invited me to "join" Him in accomplishing some physical challenges that I am nearly in shock that I actually completed. When I called on Him for help, He answered. He reminded me over and over that I can overcome obstacles when I trust in Him. Even the things that appear too difficult like rock climbing. Or, like the difficult task of finding a job I enjoy that gets me home to be waiting in the driveway when the school bus pulls up.

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