Sunday, August 17, 2008

You Know Summer is Almost Over When....

  • My kitchen counter is starting to look like a Farmer's Market with all the produce my garden is producing on a daily basis. I could tell you 126 ways to eat a cucumber.
  • There are shopping bags lining my hallway with Back-to-School clothes that cannot be put away until we get rid of the clothes/shoe that no longer fit.
  • I keep studying my mangy ankle bracelet and wonder if I'll break tradition and cut it off before Labor Day (especially if I actually get a job interview anytime in the near future).
  • I'm beginning to pay attention to apple prices.
  • I'm much nicer to my kids so the memory they have of me when they go back to school is sort of a cooler, hipper version of June Cleaver.
  • We've stopped going to the pool. That's just so "July".
  • I go to the mall every other day.....vowing to get just ONE more thing and that's it.
  • I'm clipping coupons for individually packaged applesauce, crackers and juice boxes.
  • I stocked up yesterday on four boxes of cereal, frozen waffles, and breakfast sandwiches.
  • We wolf down dinner to get to soccer practice on time.
  • I lay in bed each morning reminding myself of how many days I have left of sleeping past 6:00 am.
How do you know summer is winding down at your house?


Classic MaMa said...

Hmmm...I know that summer is almost over when our calendar is full with the following items: "play practice", "wet tech","matinee", and "show."

The Gang's All Here! said...

I think I am in complete denial! Since we live so far East now, we start the Tuesday after Labor Day so I'm still sleeping in with the kids, ignoring the clock and planning which book to devour out by the pool, and which competitions we'll let the kids stay up ridiculously late to watch on the Olympics channels.

But it's coming. I can hear the ticking of the clock in my head, like a nasty metronome every time I let the house get quiet . . . UGH.

Beautiful Grace said...

My summer IS over; Fire and I started school today!!!! I find it weird though, all my time is devoted to him, since Consecrated is a college man.