Thursday, August 14, 2008

Would You Like a Little Shaving Cream with that Revelation?

I may have to start a regular column called "Deep Spiritual Thoughts in the Shower" because that's where God and I do some pretty good talking. Or, I actually shut up and listen. Why do you suppose that is? Well, I can ponder that later. Here was today's question He asked (and, isn't He so funny when He asks us questions because He already knows the right answer!):

What makes you (as in Christians) any different then the rest of the world?

Now, I'm pretty certain He wasn't referring to the fact that we go to heaven when we die because that's a given. No, I was starting to think that there is more to just being a really nice person who makes a lasagna for a sick teacher kind of living. At what point after loving on people do I talk about the "J-word"?


Perhaps it was today when I shocked the PTO Treasurer (and maybe even my co-president) with the topic of Halloween....because you know with it being August and all we have to already deal with Halloween. Right? RIGHT??!!!

Okay. She started to talk about how she could not understand why people would have a problem with Halloween. Christmas, yes...for religious reasons, but there is NOTHING wrong with Halloween. Until I jumped in and said that I write letters to my kid's teachers, the librarian, the art teacher, music teacher, principle, counselor, the custodian and school nurse (ok, not really the last three) about what is acceptable for my kids to participate in. BIG NO-NO to witches and ghosts. And, then I got it. The Look. Did I have an opportunity to share why I don't like these things? No, because I allowed The Look to silence me, along with her comment about how I should be glad our kids aren't in the same class (amen, Sister). All the while my co-president looked like she wanted to crawl under a rock to escape this conversation and quite, frankly I was hoping there was room under the rock for me, too.

Happy Week-Before-School-Starts To Me!

But, God asked me in the shower what makes us (as in me) different. Well, I realized I know what makes me different, but how often do I give God the credit for my ideas, energy and connections? Every once in awhile....maybe....if it isn't around that one intimidating woman in PTO (not the treasurer) or the lady that looks stunning in her black and white outfits, etc..... Or, do I more often find myself caught up in the drama and the gossip and the complaining (Oh Lord, forgive me!)? Then, I'm really no different, right? That needs to change.

I'm glad for that quiet time in the shower so that I can be His captivated audience. There is no limit to where He'll meet us for a little one-on-one!


Trish said...

There you go, shining that light again and making us examine ourselves a little more deeply! Speaking of which, I have a little something for you over at my place. :)

mama2dibs said...

Yea for shower time! That's my God time too. Maybe I should try your example though and shut up and listen. I normally pray the whole time. Thanks for the challenge.

Beautiful Grace said...

Tony has had some wonderful spiritual revelations in the shower.

Actually, years ago while in the shower, the Holy Spirit told Strongman about Hillside starting and that we were to be involved with it. That was a year before we even met the Stoners.

When P. D was sick, actually we had just received the call that he had been diagnosed with lukemia, and in the shower Strongman saw him come out onto the stage at church...healed.

As for me, it's the bathtub!!! ;)