Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Divas, Drama Queens and Dissapointment

Our family is into theater. Just a teeny, tiny bit.

Just kidding! We're REALLY into theater...acting, directing, watching (except The Husband, he only likes the acting part). So, I was so excited when I found out the Missoula Children's Theater was coming to a venue near us to audition for The Princess and the Pea. #3 even wanted to try out and I thought that would provide a lovely distraction from the school trauma.

Sadly, #2 had a wonderful audition, but did not get cast. #1 has a duel role which she is enjoying immensely. Did I say immensely? Is there a word stronger then "immensely"? You get the idea. And, #3 was the youngest member cast in the show as a "dust bunny". There are other familiar faces we recognized from the last show 2 years ago, as well as several church friends.

This theater company is like Extreme Makeover / Theater Edition. They audition on Monday and put on two shows by Saturday. Needless to say, #1 comes home from school, does some homework, eats something and packs a snack for later and then heads out to practice from 4:30 pm to 9:00 pm each night this week. Our little dust bunny practices from 4:30-6:30 each night.'s been a very busy week for us and an emotional roller coaster as I am happy for 2 kids and sad for the other one. It is really hard being the only sister left out of the production. There were so many kids #2's age that were trying out and I was really surprised she did not get a part. I've told her there will be other plays and times for her to shine! And, I'm proud of her. She is really trying to be happy for her sisters, yet, she still tears up at times when they talk about it. Thank goodness it is not a long, drawn out process for the next few months. This time next week it will all be over!

It is funny to hear #1 running lines again. She has been given full reign to develop her character and she'll ask my opinion, which is nice. She is doing a great job and is very funny!

Speaking of drama, tomorrow morning is my meeting with the principal, teacher and counselor at #3's school....why do I suddenly feel like Daniel being thrown into the lions den?


Iam4Jesus said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! I did quite a bit of local theater a few years ago (including the scarecrow in the wizard of oz)...

Glad to hear your #1 & #3 are able to get involved!

Where are the productions? This coming Saturday? Very cool.

Beautiful Grace said...

I wanted to talk to you last night about the school thing with #3. Praying for you this morning that your words would be clear, direct and completely seasoned with holy Love!

BTW. Your apple crisp was great last night. The service was "wild" in the Spirit.

Classic MaMa said...

...and just like Daniel, you will walk in that amazing favor that God has given you and He will choose you, as He has done many times, to bring light to dark places and to confound the wise. :) I am looking forward to a good report.