Monday, November 24, 2008

A "Phony" Princess and the Dust Bunny

After an 8-hour day and a marathon week of practices, #1 and #3 finished The Princess and the Pea. By the end of the 2nd show, #3 looked as though she was falling asleep on stage as the director made her announcements (she had been to her bff's birthday sleepover the night before)! She is such a cutie I just wanted to squeeze her! She couldn't wait to get out of her costume though, because it gave her a "wedgie".

#1 did a great job playing the part of a phony princess with a sinus problem! She did such a great job that The Husband thought she had a real runny nose and could not believe she was up on stage wiping her sleeve and hand across her nose in front of everyone! He finally figured it out after she "sneezed" and wiped her hand very obviously on her dress!

She looks more like a crazy gypsy in this picture, but I thought it was a nice close up to capture the stage make-up!

#2 handled her disappointment very well and even wanted to go to both shows. She was a very supportive and proud sister!

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Stephanie said...

Hey there,
My boys and MIL attended the show while I was at the PSU game. I looked over the program and saw your girls' names! So I thought I would check out your blog to get the scoop and see the pictures. It's so cool that your family got to participate. My boys and MIL found it very charming and funny! Please tell your girls that they did a great job!
Stephanie Smith