Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ok. Now, I'm Really Not Bitter.

It is time to move forward as a country. I am disappointed, yet, in the big picture of life I never really put my faith in a man or woman. I serve a BIG GOD and I know that He remains victorious. My faith is in the promises I have been given by a gracious and loving God.

While I was worshiping in our youth service tonight, I was reminded of Nehemiah and the work of re-building the wall around Jerusalem. "Re-building" means something was built and was torn down. It is time for a us to "re-build" the parts of society that have been torn down for decades...families need to stay together, people need to be healed of diseases and depression, and there is a world out there trying to satisfy itself with a lust for money, power and sex. We can only help to transform our society by asking Jesus to gives us the strength and the power to love unconditionally and obey Him without hesitation. And, just as God promised in Nehemiah's day, He will provide protection from the enemy and He will give us strength when we grow weary. We have nothing to fear! And, by the way, Obama is not the enemy I speak of.

Now seems to be as good a time as any to start re-building the walls with kind, compassionate words and actions.


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Read your comments on Politics for Moms. Loved the way you handled yourself.
Be proud.