Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Faith is not passive

The holidays can be very hard. For me, it's memories of my Pop re-surfacing while I'm listening to Christmas music. Before I know it, my eyes are welling up as I can almost hear him singing along. It's been over six years since he went home to be with Jesus. I miss him so much.

I stopped trying to fix everything and manipulate things for my kids a long time ago. Suffering and grief are part of being human and living on this earth. I believe that at an early age our kids need to know that God can and wants to bring us comfort in our trials. There is eternal purpose to our lives. If we don't reach out to touch the hem of His garment (Matthew 9:20) we'll never have that personal encounter with Christ that is LIFE CHANGING. But, if you know the story you know that the woman who touched Jesus was in need of a healing for a loooong time. SHE went after Him. She put her faith into action despite her suffering. He healed her.

It's that comfort and those "touches" from Him that allow the suffering to build us, rather then destroy us. I think of all the loved ones that are missed during this time of year. For some, the loss has been recent and this will be the first holiday season without that very special person. But, I know this. If we reach out in faith and pursue Him with all of our heart, He'll turn our mourning into dancing. And, He'll heal us.

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