Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Temporary Set Back

Despite it being #3's birthday (I will post pictures and details later) she spent the entire weekend fretting about school. Something upset the delicate balance we've had over the last month after those horrific weeks of her having anxiety attacks.

Apparently, she and her group of 3 other girls did not finish a "center" at school and the teacher wanted to spend time with them and she didn't get a chance. So, they stayed in the next day for about 5 minutes of recess and #3 finished first to go do the dreaded lap required before recess can officially begin. by. herself. I went to pick her up from school that day only to discover that she was in the bathroom throwing up. She then burst into tears and began to tell me the story and I seriously thought she was going to hyperventilate. She begged and pleaded with me to home school her. Then, she threw up three more times that night and the next morning. I reassured her that day was parent-teacher conferences and that I would talk to her teacher about it and we would find a solution.

Needless to say, I could not get through to her teacher. She said that #3 acts totally normal during her school day. Her theory is that she acts this way to get my attention.


I calmly (through somewhat gritted teeth) told her my daughter does not have to VOMIT to get my attention...she gets PLENTY of attention. I explained that this is an anxiety disorder that is triggered by the stupid lap at recess that causes her to be afraid the boys playing kickball are going to yell mean things to her. I think I finally got through to her when I explained that #3 talks about not finishing her centers constantly and she had a theory that perhaps since she wore a skort to school that day instead of long pants that was why she had a bad day and missed me a lot and threw up.

So, I left a message for the school counselor today that under no circumstances is she to do the STUPID LAP if she has to go out to recess late. I offered to send a note in, get a note from our doctor and thank the Good Lord I know 2 of the recess aids very well (I'll be calling them tomorrow after I speak to the school counselor). Despite me telling her all this, #3 still is worried that something is going to go terribly wrong and she'll have to do the dreaded lap alone while the boys are playing kickball. I just keep praying and praying (and, so does she) and I actually am beginning to understand how helpless it feels to watch your child suffer from a torment that is out of your control. But, thankfully, it is not out of God's control. I have to remember that He is the God of breakthroughs and I will keep pressing in for this precious child and hope that she knows that sometimes doing the right thing isn't always the easy thing....but, she is always safe in the palm of His Mighty Hand.

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I want names. Who are these big, bad boys? I will show them my big, fat fist if they don't cut it out.