Tuesday, November 4, 2008

They Get an "A+" as Far I'm Concerned!

I just have to say that my kids have learned so much about politics, campaigns, Republicans, Democrats, elections and our government. We have had intelligent conversations and I am so proud of them for the interest they have taken. I am constantly hearing #3 asking her friends "Who are you cheering for...McCain or Obama?". I've had to explain that even though we don't agree with a certain person's policy we must still respect him as a person. Unfortunately, many adults need to be told that, as well.

We talked about money influencing a campaign and celebrity endorsements. And most of all, we have prayed. I explained to the girls that people will choose the leader that they want to represent them; however, God can still work in individual people's lives so that rather then rely on a government or a person, they rely on Him for their needs. And, we are representatives of Christ whether our candidate wins or not. We will do our part to pray for the new leaders. Whoever they end up to be.

I am so proud of my girls and can't help but wonder if I am raising any future politicians!

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@pril G said...

I think #1 would be a terrific candidate because she is very smart. #2 would be an excellent leader because she is compassionate. #3 would be a wonderful representative because she has risen above the peer pressure. They have my vote!