Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Is the Suffering Worth the Comfort?

I read in a book once that there is a reason that the Holy Spirit is referred to as our "Comforter". And, as I look back over my life I remember the sweet times of fellowship and healing He provided to my weary soul. The desperate state of my emotions and mind could only find comfort in knowing that I was not alone and that through these trials, like gold being refined in the fire, I would come out stronger.

Even now, I feel His comfort in the times I have been struggling with fear. As #2 has battled a multitude of sickness, some of it so painful, the fear that I continue to lay at the foot of the cross has tried to overtake me. As a result I've fallen into some of the old patterns of frustration, hopelessness and melancholy. We all have our weaknesses and fear is one of mine. I grew up in a home that fear was part of everyday life....we obeyed out of fear. We were totally into every scary book, movie and my family regularly made appointments with psychics. When I surrendered my life to Jesus I asked for forgiveness in participating in these things and to break off all generational curses that have been handed down. I do hope anyone who reads this will guard their children from what they see because it gets inside of us and it can be haunting, but not at all in a fun way. But, that's a whole other post for another day.

I've realized the peace comes when we confess our struggles to God (He already knows, anyway!) and He releases not only His comfort, but His power into our lives. My meditation in the hard times has been "it's not about me, it's about Christ", but that doesn't mean God wants us to be out of arm's reach from the embraces He longs to give us. And, once you find yourself in that place of comfort, the suffering seems much more like a tool, rather than a bitter pill.


Livin' Life said...

OK we do have some kind of connection going on here. I totally grew up in fear too. Fear of living and fear of dying. Wow!! You are so right and I needed to hear these words. Thank you my dear friend!!!

The Gang's All Here! said...

Suffering never feels like it has value when we are in the midst of it, have ya noticed that? And when I'm in the midst of a tough time, WHY can I not remember that it has a purpose. That all He allows to touch my life has a purpose?

All I can say is that sometimes, progress in this area, for me, is in the recognition sooner in the journey that God has something good for me on the other side, sooner than I realized it last time! And sometimes, progress is that I reach out EVEN in the hard times to either ask for help or offer something of myself - thereby reminding myself that even in hard times, I have something valuable to offer to those around me.