Sunday, March 23, 2008

Our Weekend Celebrating That Jesus is Alive!

While the weekend held its serious moments for me contemplating the sacrifice that Christ made for me, my family and I really enjoyed celebrating Easter a variety of different ways.

I made this:

Yes, TCC would be proud except that she is so incredibly gifted in the cake decorating department she probably made a life-size Resurrected Jesus cake for dessert! Complete with disciples and Mary Magdalen.

We went to a couple of egg hunts and saw a bunch of friends:

And, as a result of those egg hunts we now have this:

We decorated some eggs and this was the first year I didn't nearly lose my mind from it:

Sunday morning we coordinated in the black and white theme and headed off to church. It was, as usual, a fantastic service. Go here to upload it.

Then, we had another egg hunt in our back yard. We never did find our Easter baskets from last year, so the girls used plastic grocery bags:

No, she's not throwing up in her bag. She's counting Easter eggs:

We literally ate all day. We started at noon and it is now 7pm and we're getting dessert out. We ate a different course every couple of hours and I am stuffed; however the Easter basket cake, chocolate fondue and peanut butter pie are beckoning me.....

GAS and The Husband look like they need to layoff the eggnog. Oh, wait. That's at Christmas. Just kidding! No alcoholic beverages were consumed. We're all just in a food coma.

Seriously, I gave a mini-sermon to the girls this morning about fresh starts and new lives. Not only can we be grateful for the sacrifice that Jesus made, but we can have hope that we no longer have to be in bondage to sin. We can choose to make Godly choices and not be shamed by the mistakes in the past. That is true freedom!


Holding It Together said...

Wow, you guys were busy! We basically laid around the house all day and did as little as possible.

We did make it to church on Saturday night, which as you said, was great. Did he show the two video clips Sunday morning (the doctor in FL and the clip from ER)?

TCC said...

Very creative!

For the record - no - I did not make a cake for the holiday. :)

Livin' Life said...

You had an amazing feast!!! Your candy horde gives me a tummy ache just looking at it.:)