Thursday, March 27, 2008

Testing, Testing 1, 2

It has been a whirlwind of a day here at our house. I've been on the go since my alarm went off this morning. Ortho appointment, a meeting with an old fellow Subway owner/friend to get donations for our school events, a speedy trip through Giant, a quick workout at the gym, a new haircut for #3, Costco, talent show practice at school and then it was off to church to take #1 and #2 to worship dance team practice. The most draining part of the day was talent show practice.

With only 2 rehearsals left until the big show next Friday, things were looking a little rough around the edges. I've found that I enjoy the directing part and coordinating the millions of details. It's working with the outdated and unpredictable sound system that I'm starting to wonder if they needed someone a little more....say.....technical to be in charge. Not to mention, attending an awesome church and working with such talented theater people over the last few years has me trying to pull off a talent show of a whole new realm at our elementary school. So, of course I had to go and "borrow" a 75 pound wireless sound system from the middle school (apparently a miracle in itself because we seem to discourage sharing between schools in our district?) because how can my little performers dance AND sing at the same time holding onto a microphone with a long cord attached??? I thought the chorus director and ladies in the middle school office were going to make me sign a pact in BLOOD to not drop, mess up or otherwise harm in any way their precious wireless sound system. I almost called Not-So-Classic to beg him to have mercy upon my soul and help me because I was afraid to even touch it. It is roughly the size of what I imagine the Ark of the Covenant to be and somewhere close to the value of it. So, I did what any good Talent Show Chairperson would do. I put The Husband in charge of it. It's all about delegating!!!

But anyway, speaking of drama....tomorrow is #1's twelfth birthday and I'm sure I'll write some mushy gushy post about all the joy (and gray hair) she gives me. Just kidding, #1! You know I love you!

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Beautiful Grace said...

Your pic is great!! I can see you being the director!!! I'll bet you're fantastic!!!

Not-So-Classic is an awesome resource for any questions!!!!

Have a great God-day!! :)