Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I'm Just Curious

How many of you shop online and if you do, what do you buy? I seem to go through spurts of doing it and I just bought 313 pictures off of Snapfish for $45 including shipping. They usually get here in about 2 or 3 days. I have been very lazy about printing off pictures since we've gone "digital". I still like to put a paper copy in the photo albums and I hope to one day start scrap booking again when my grandkids are in college.

I also recently bought curtains and a clock radio online only because I had gotten so sick of going to Target, K-Mart and Kohl's from school shopping I just couldn't make another trip. It is just so easy and I can shop at midnight without having to park under a streetlight and check my backseats.

What do you buy online?


Promises Fulfilled said...

I don't really buy a lot at this point, but we did buy our digital camera and things related to that, and we will probably buy our camcorder online too.

I guess it is a few things here and there - a filing cabinet too.

TCC said...

Hmmm...what do I buy online?

Sometimes I buy from LandsEnd or Kohls - but usually only if I can get free shipping. Oh, and my Shaklee.

Hands-Free Heart said...

My dh and I have been buying several things online for probably 6-7 years now: books, cds, some types of clothing, small appliances, electronics, and most odd things we want and don't know where to get. DH buys most of his climbing gear online (new) from Mountain Gear.

We use Ebay and Amazon a lot for these things. Especially the reviews of products on Amazon... they can be really helpful. Also, I always do a search for coupons before buying. There are entire websites out there devoted to collecting and publishing info on coupons... just do a Google search on "Coupon Code" and the store you want to buy from. You may also try "Promo Code" or "Discount Code", and you might try the search with the name of the product instead of the store... but the store is more likely to be linked with the coupon.

I've used Ebay when searching for a specific toy to add to a collection we have... frankly my kids don't care if their toys are new or used. Plus-size maternity and nursing clothes are very expensive and hard to find, so I saved Ebay searches on them and got several items by winning the auctions for them and paying with PayPal.

For something like small appliances (I bought a stick-vac recently), we compare features and look at reviews on and some other sites. It's so much easier to do it that way then drag the kids along to five different stores to see if they have a product for a good price with the desired features. Many sites have free shipping. I think I did pay shipping for the stick vac.

For books, if I determine based on reviews, etc. that I would like a book, I first check online to see if my local library chain has it. If so, I put in a request and the library emails me when it comes in. If the library doesn't have it, I'll look at Amazon to see if they have a good used price (factoring in shipping). If it's not that much different, we just put it in our cart, or saved shopping list, or wish list at Amazon. We just leave it there in the online cart. Later, when we add something else to the cart, we look to see if we have more than $25 total... because if you do, then you get free shipping.

We also use the wish list at Amazon. With one account you can set up several wish lists, so we have one for the family, and then one for each family member. This is helpful because my mother always calls to ask what to get so-and-so for their special event and with kids screaming and me trying to do five things, I really can't think of what to tell her. So I just tell her to look up our wish lists... and if she doesn't remember how to find them, I email her a link to them.

Wow, I wrote a book. Someday maybe I'll learn how to make my words more concise!

Thrills said...

The reason I just got on the computer was to renew my vehicle registration. We never mail it or go to the actual building anymore. For the last couple years we have renewed online. You print out a new registration that will expire in 15-days. Usually within a week you will get the original registration and plate stickers in the mail. So easy!

I usually order my pictures online also. I have used several companies taking advantage of their first time discounts.

Other than that I have bought books, a pack 'n play, computer, and probably some other stuff. I don't usually buy much online though because of shipping. And I never buy clothes online because I like to try them on before I buy them.

Classic MaMa said...

:) I live with a geek; therfore, we buy lots on line. Movies are the main thing we purchace, particularly from netflix for $5.99. The Classics buy movies, who would have figured? ;)

Natalie said...