Friday, September 21, 2007

A Tale of Two Closets

It is that (dreaded) time of year again when the seasons change and I must haul out no less than 4,218 Rubbermaid tubbies full of clothes to see what fits from last year and what could fit from the older sister's outgrown pile. As I have been doing this very sporadically for the last week or so, all I am ending up with is a giant pile for Goodwill or consignment (which was what led me to the horse shirt post because we actually (gasp) have to BUY fall/winter clothes for #2 and #3).

We have clothing issues at our house, people. Three children, all completely different body shapes and proportions. Clothing styles from 5 years ago just aren't going to work for #2 and #3's fashion savvy. I can't say I blame them, really. Even I was wondering what I was thinking with all the fleece, poofy pants and Catholic-school looking jumpers. Poor #1.

In fact, this morning #1 and I frantically searched her and my closet for something "cool" to wear with black pants because she has been negligent in bringing her dirty laundry to the appropriate authority (GAS). Her and I can share some items, but this morning we weren't doing so good...we settled for a wrinkled green t-shirt from the bottom of her drawer and I plan to discuss her laundry habits with her when she gets home. She, like me at her age, just crumples things into unorganized piles in random drawers and has no idea what fits or where it is. I'm a little afraid to go into her room without a good supply of blood pressure medication because I always leave trembling and ranting that I will NEVER buy her another piece of clothing again!

Believe it or not, #2 used to be the difficult one to shop for. She is very trendy and used to be really picky. Family members stopped buying clothes for her and sent gift cards instead, which once again required blood pressure medication or Valium because #2 is the most indecisive person I have ever met my entire 37 years on this planet. Nowadays she wears pretty much anything I suggest for her and she can still fit in pretty much everything from last year. Thank you, Lord.

My challenge - #3. This is the child who would go to school naked if I let her. Everything gives her a "wedgie" and she will only wear her special 3 pairs of socks (with fruit designs on them) with one pair of brown and blue sneakers. EVERY day. She only wears skirts and dresses, short sleeves are a must. #3 always tells me she likes to be cold. I forced a pair of capri pants under her dress last week when it was chilly and the neighbors probably thought I was pulling her fingernails out. She does not want to take dance lessons because she doesn't like tights. I am praying for her deliverance from jeans demons. So, if you see her in flip flops with her Christmas dress, please keep praying! I told The Husband the other night.....this strong willed personality of hers is going to be a good thing one day. Right, Honey? Please tell me I'm right.......Honey?....

Thus concludes my tale of 2 closets.....I guess it should be 3 closets really.


Classic MaMa said...

I loved this post!! I think I love it more because I know your kids and can nod, smile and agree with you. I must say, though, your children always look good, even #3. :)

The Gang's All Here! said...

I'm cracking up! Reading posts like this makes me glad for 3 boys who will wear anything that fits, as long as it's not girly. Unfortunately, LadyBug is picky, finicky, and very color-particular (and right now doesn't even like "her right season" of colors! GASP! grin!). But since it's just one and we both love to shop, I don't mind so much. And the flip flops? I hear ya. I hear ya. Dr. Doolittle would wear them and cargo shorts EVERY SINGLE DAY if I could stand the smell. UGH.

Natalie said...

I'm right there with ya, sister. I HATE the changing of the closets.