Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jumping In With Both Feet

It has been an interesting week, (I should say year), at our house. I have spent every day this week at the girls' schools helping in some way or another. I was struck this morning at my complete change in attitude about public school. I was so judgmental. Then, I started thinking about other things/people I had judged only to realize I was wrong about that also. God revealed something to me that I want to keep in mind for the future.....I tend to judge people and situations that I don't understand. Things that I only have a limited knowledge or experience of tend to bring out a negative side in me. Hmmmmmm.....that started me thinking.....but, anyway, that isn't even what I'm writing about today.

The elementary PTO was a little scarier than the middle school PTO. I have my theories on that one (all of which could be wrong, so I won't get into them). They were more reserved, less friendly and quite curious it seemed of the new mom who is chairing the talent show committee and helping to update the PTO web page (that would be me). The middle school moms just seemed a little more easy going, but I wasn't at an official meeting, yet, so we'll see if they are that easy going at their meetings!

I really, really like being involved at school. At first, I was afraid I would be a square peg in a round hole. Now, after seeing how all of my kids have been adjusting (there's been a few bumps in the road, but we handle them as they come) I can't believe the last school year was spent yelling, crying and begging to do schoolwork at home. I didn't like it and neither did the girls. Thankfully, God's grace got us through that season just like His grace is all over us now.

The girls are jumping in with both feet, too. #1 had an interview yesterday for yearbook committee. One hundred kids applied and they chose 30 for an interview. They will only be choosing 9-12 people for the actual committee. I do hope she gets on it. She also plans to join the Leo Club and volleyball team. Yay #1! The other girls have been making friends, in fact we found out that #3's favorite friend in her kindergarten class lives a block away on the same street that we do! I met her mom the other day when we marched up and knocked on the door for the sole purpose of getting to know them (I'm not usually good at that). She was very nice and I ended up in a meeting yesterday with her for parent volunteers who help the kids learn to write stories.

I'm starting to feel comfortable at their schools, like we belong.


Classic MaMa said...

I am so, so happy for you!! Don't worry about the elementary PTO. I'm sure by Christmas you'll be laughing and joking with them.

I'm so glad that this is working out for you. It's so great to be exactly where God wants you to be. Please keep the info comming. Those of us who are at home still lke to know how school sounds. :)

The Gang's All Here! said...

Thanks for your very kind words on my Tuesday post. It was a vulnerable post - not my usual style, but something I've been working through from both ends of the spectrum in my own life. Judging and being judged. MMMMM. This one is good - so glad you are all enjoying the experience. It's great when it goes well - such peace for the household :)

TCC said...

So good to hear!