Friday, September 28, 2007


Now that everything is over and he has no terrible disease, I can tell you all about what The Husband endured and I sort of even got his official permission to blog about it (he was kind of drugged out on a hospital gurney, but he smiled and nodded when I asked)!

Last week, he had to get a routine physical to get his CDL license and the tech found blood in his urine. They said he needed to see his urologist right away. Well, if you want to invoke trepidation in The Husband, just say the word "urologist".

So, he dutifully went last week where they said it could be nothing or it could be kidney stones or cancer. Still not worried. I wish I could tell you how funny he was getting his prostate checked, but I did not get authorization to put that story in print and he knows my MOST EMBARRASSING STORY EVER and could possibly use that against me some day. So anyway, they checked his .....uh- hmm.....prostate and other things and sent him for an MRI. They wanted to perform one last test that would involve putting a scope with a camera (cringe) up his urethra. This was to make sure there is no cancer in the bladder. He had the option of just getting a "local" and having it performed in the doctor's office, or his choice, having it down at the hospital under anesthesia.

Yesterday we arrived at the hospital and #3 was with us while the other 2 were at school. I needed to do the driving. Well, for one thing The Husband did not realize until we were driving there that he would need an IV. The Husband does NOT do needles well. He passed out during a blood test last year. My tough, former Marine husband just turns to mush at the thought of it. I really thought for a moment he was going to change his mind when the realization hit him.

He did fine, no passing out but he was kind of funny to be around. They let us go back to see him before they wheeled him into surgery and he looked all glassy eyed and glazed over and slow. I asked him what drugs they had given him (I thought maybe they were trying to relax him) and he said none! I think he was traumatized from the IV and didn't want to make any sudden moves....including blinking....that could cause anything to remind him that there were tubes inside his veins. It was hard not to laugh. You know, giving birth 3 times and all.

We received a good cancer, no nothing, just sort of a fluke thing that can happen. He goes back for a follow-up in year. The funniest thing that happened the whole time we were there was the look on #3's face when The Husband was allowed to get up and get dressed and he accidentally "mooned" #3, who's mouth dropped to her knees when she saw Daddy's bare bottom sticking out of his hospital "dress". She was like, "Whoa, Daddy put some underwear on!".

I am thankful for the peace that surrounded us the entire time. I knew everything would be alright. God is good and He is faithful to give us what we ask for, according to His will. We asked for peace and healing, however God wanted to work that out. He's so big and He's so good!


Promises Fulfilled said...

Glad to hear that everything is ok - and the mooning part made me crack up!

Classic MaMa said...

Wow! Melissa, only you could tell a story about your husband's hospitilization with such flair and such humor. So glad everything is okay. Please give that husband of yours a big Classic hug from all of us. He was a brave boy. Did you get him ice cream after it?

Beautiful Grace said...

Thank the Lord everything was o.k.

At risk of sounding are hilarious!!! :)