Friday, September 7, 2007

Who is the Real Genius Here?

I'm getting a little bit....okay.....MAJORLY annoyed with my ridiculous dog's (The Other Woman) behavior again. This time it is because she rings her little bell to go outside so I walk over to the door to let her out. But, then she won't go out (perhaps she wants me to roll out a red carpet and escort her?). After doing this about 4 or 5 times, as my footsteps turn to stomps, she will finally go outside. A few minutes later I hear her ringing to come back in. Of course, I ignore her because I kind of like her out there. When she starts to bark I finally go to let her in but she runs away from me and won't come in. She will repeat this process until I am red in the face and yelling at her, "I'm going to chop you up into little pieces and make you for dinner if you don't get in the house right this minute, Young Lady"!! I don't have time for this!! She'll finally walk back in and about ten minutes later she'll ring the bell to go out again. I promise you that she looks over her shoulder and smiles (sneers) at me. I think it is her attempt to drive me out of my mind so that she can become "Head Woman" of the house and have The Husband all to herself.

I'm pretty sure had she taken this she would have scored at least a 150.

I have NO IDEA why I have a dog. Except that she is kinda cute. Sometimes.

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TCC said...

I don't have the same breed of dog but mine does this because she wants me to PLAY with her outside. Throw the stick, chase her around, etc.

Not saying you wanted to hear that...but it's just a thought.