Sunday, September 9, 2007

My Fun-Filled and Agressive Dog-Filled Weekend

We had a great weekend, beginning with a "Going Away" party for Susan on Friday night at our house. We played games, prayed and hopefully showered her with memories and a few gifts to take along with her to her new home.

And, of course no evening with Susan and Peter would be complete without several hours of playing Nertz until my eyeballs were burning from trying to stay awake and my sides hurt from laughing (all the while Edmund and The Husband were playing X-Box a few feet away).

Then, early Saturday morning after I dragged my tired self out of bed, we watched #2 play her first soccer game and THEY WON!!!!! Do you like how I cleverly colored over her team jersey so as not to reveal the identity of the team for security purposes? Do you also see why travel soccer is so darn expensive with that cute little Nike logo on the shirt, shorts and socks? I was a little disappointed for what we paid that we didn't get any matching Nike underwear. Maybe next year.

My last picture for the weekend is the dog bite I received from my neighbor's nasty little cattle herding dog.

We are trying to pray for the right way to handle this situation. The dogs are allowed to go wherever they want, including on our property! They poop here and they have gotten up close to us and barked and even growled at The Husband. On Saturday, the kids and The Husband threw a ball out of the trampoline and I went over to get it from The Neighbor who seems kind of ....introverted......and he smiled and tossed me the ball and as I turned (the entire time on my side of our property) his dog ran over to me and with no warning BIT ME ON MY LEG. I was so shocked all I could squeak out was "it bit me" and The Neighbor yelled at it and took it inside. He never asked if I was okay or apologized or anything. Can you believe this?!! So, The Husband and I were so worked up (especially over the thought that it could have happened to one of our kids who are now terrified to go outside of our fence) we could not even go talk to him for fear of grieving the Holy Spirit! The Husband was using words like "hang", "kill", "pieces"....things that would not help us to build any bridges with our already aloof neighbors. Alas, I am not the first neighbor to be bitten by Cujo, the little girl who lived here before was bitten which is why we are going to calmly and rationally go over and ask him what he plans to do, so no one else gets bitten. Electric fence? Leash? Wooden fence? Death by lethal injection? I'm not so sure I really care....I just know that I may not be so nice the next time they come across the property line.

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