Thursday, September 6, 2007

God is the Glue

Over the last few months we have been transitioning in many different areas of our lives. It is all for the good; however, it has not been easy. We've had to trust God for provision and timing. He has been the glue that holds us together some days when the stress from caring for 3 kids, an aging grandma, The Husband's job situation, and a house that still isn't unpacked from moving sends me into a tizzy! The cool thing about it is that He had spoken things into my spirit at various times that I held onto and continue to do so to help me remember His hand is in our lives.

The most recent of these times being this morning driving #1 to school. Last night while watching her worship the Lord at our Youth Building the Lord gave me a picture of her bending down planting seeds in the ground. Her hands were getting dirty, but she did not want to wipe them on herself. She sort of shook the dirt off of her hands and stood up only to see a lot of dirt and no flowers. She sadly looked away and when she looked back there were flowers as far as the eye could see! I felt like I needed to tell her that some of the stuff she is enduring at school and on the bus is like getting her hands dirty, but she is planting seeds and God is going to bless that and bring forth LIFE all around her, (meaning spiritual growth), as a result of her obedience. She just has to remember not to get the dirt in her head or on her heart and to take it to the Lord daily and ask Him to keep her pure. So, I dropped her off after we discussed this and I prayed for her. As I was driving home, the David Crowder Band song called Wholly Yours came on and the first part of the song goes like this........

But a certain sign of grace is this
From a broken earth flowers come up
Pushing through the dirt

Pretty cool, huh?


Classic MaMa said...

Very, very cool. What a beautiful picture the Lord gave you of your daughter. It is a real reminder that we live in the world and we are not of the world.

The Gang's All Here! said...

Omigosh, what a great word picture. I just got goosebumps!

I had a similar word spoken over me at a similar age to your #1 - a rose planted and laboring to grow but finally blooming with huge, profuse blossoms that drew many in with their fragrance.

Tell #1 that being a blooming rosebush in the hands of the Lord is a mighty privilege and a great blessing, for her and for those blessed enough to be affected by her fragrance!

TCC said...

Very cool - awesome even.

I love the fact that God has given you a picture with direction on how to pray for your daughter.

Promises Fulfilled said...

That is so awesome that the Lord is encouraging you and your daughter with this picture that He gave to you. Very beautiful.