Thursday, February 28, 2008

Almost Ten Random Ramblings

It's been awhile since I just posted about random things going on in my life and so since I have no deep, spiritual thoughts at the moment to share and no new pictures or tales to tell I'll just try to entertain you with some mindless tidbits from my life.

Mindless tidbit #1 - My sweet #3 has a new habit. Several times during the day she'll tip toe down to GAS's room, throw open the door and yell "BOO!". She thinks it is the funniest thing ever. When I told her it is not very nice to keep scaring GAS on purpose she says: "But, Mommy, you should see how funny her face looks when I do it!" And, then #3 does an imitation of what GAS looks like when she scares her. GAS thinks it's funny (and, I think she likes the attention) so I just let #3 keep doing it. I make sure GAS has taken her heart medication that morning just to be sure.

Mindless tidbit #2 - poor #2 got up yesterday to go to school after missing 2 days from her ear drum rupture/sinus infection only to find she could not stand or walk. She had jumped rope the night before (nothing unusual about that) and apparently, according to her doctor, her muscles were so weak from being sick that she actually pulled both calf muscles. After a shower, some icy hot gel, Motrin and prayer she could limp around holding onto things. She went into school late and her teacher confirmed she had trouble walking. She's still sleeping now and I'm afraid to wake her up because she is running out of body parts to injure and I'm not sure if I can take anymore. She even has had trouble eating on top of everything else because she scraped the roof of her mouth over the weekend with a sharp cheese cracker and she has a new tooth coming in. The poor thing! Just about everything hurts her!

Mindless tidbit #3 - I sent a thank you letter for my job interview and included a link to an online article about why job sharing is such a great idea. I also was so bold as to propose 2 possible scenarios of how that could work for this position, so now I feel like I've done my part and the rest is up to God. It's so strange to not be anxious over it. I'm totally fine if or if I don't get this job. I have no intention of leaving my current job now until summer hits, anyway.

Mindless tidbit #4 - Eating healthy, small portions and exercising this week has not been on my high priority list. Bummer.

Mindless tidbit #5 - Now #1 is home sick with a bad headache. Is there no end to the madness??

Mindless tidbit #6 - I am being nominated for PTO president for the 2008-09 school year. Cool. I somehow have all these parents and teachers fooled into thinking I can be in charge of something so detailed. I wonder if they'll let me use one of those little gavels to make motions to adjourn and stuff. I guess technically, I have not accepted the nomination, yet. I kind of like just helping and concentrating on one thing at a time, but yet, the possibility of having a Christian PTO president serving with a Christian school principle seems like a God thing, doesn't it? Plus, our school is just so great, it would be an honor to serve this way.

Mindless tidbit #7 - Now that Dance Wars is over there is absolutely nothing to watch on TV.

Mindless tidbit #8 - I'm wearing dog pajamas now that The Dog chewed on and there are holes all up one leg. Isn't that ironic? Dog pajamas that a dog chewed on. Maybe she was trying to make a statement that if we get another dog she'll chew it up?! I'm not sure why I keep wearing these since I have at least six other pairs of pajamas that don't have holes in them. These just feel so broken in and comfy, holes and all!

Mindless tidbit #9 (they just keep coming to me) - we have medicine for #2's various infections that you need to use a syringe to draw out of the bottle from Target's pharmacy. She likes to shoot it into her mouth herself; however yesterday as I was ready to take her to school an hour late due to her leg issues, I looked out into the dining room and she was standing there with medicine dripping down her hair, face, shirt and pants. She said she accidentally took it out of her mouth while she was still shooting it. Then, last night's dose got shot across my kitchen floor "accidentally". I've now revoked her shooting privileges.

So, that's it. Hopefully, you stayed awake reading this oh! so! exciting! post about my last few days.


Livin' Life said...

Your life is just too darn exciting for me.:) It would be so awesome to have a Christian Prinicipal and PTO President. I think the Lord is moving in and through you.

I am sorry to hear about all your sickness. That stuff just needs to go in Jesus name and give you and especially #2 a break. Let your healing flow Jesus in this household, complete restoration!!!!!!!

The Gang's All Here! said...

Stayed awake? Girl, you had me laughing out loud - I woke the cat! You crack me up. What I love about you is how REAL you are, no matter the weird and crazy things that keep happening to you. Faith filled, trusting and real too. LOVE reading your blog - in case I haven't said it recently!

Beautiful Grace said...

Your ramblings don't ramble. They are life. Thanks for sharing your life with us!

BTW: You would be an awesome president!! :)