Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Now What?

I went on my out-of-the-blue job interview today and found out the following information.....

  • The position is a unique combination of the 2 major work experiences I've performed over the last 18 years, with a great deal of multi-tasking and I think we all know I can do that ( I am a seasoned mother of 3, aren't I?).
  • The position is available at the end of August. That is quite the coincidence (not) since I wanted the summer off with the kids and to oversee a summer enrichment program I proposed to the PTO at our elementary school.
  • The position is full-time and this company has never offered this position as a job share or part-time.
So, 2 out of 3 isn't bad, right? I was told that many resumes never make it to the first interview and even less to the second and despite knowing I only wanted a part-time position this manager is recommending a second interview with the district manager. He did tell me at least 4 times that he thinks there is no chance they will allow me to work part-time in this position. He even asked me what I would tell the district manager if he offered me the job, but only if it was full-time. I explained that I would say "No, thank you. If you ever change your mind and would reconsider having me work 20 hours per week, please let me know". I then went on to explain that I am extremely devoted to my family and that knowing my personality and what I want to maintain, I would send my entire household into chaos if I worked away from home forty hours a week ( I don't know how other moms do this and don't fall asleep on the evening commute home!). He seemed to appreciate the honest response and quite frankly, most career coaches would be mortified at me actually ADMITTING I like being a mom and I didn't pretend to just simply survive this area of my life! So, basically it would take a major move of God to hear back from this company because I can totally hear this guy with his co-workers.....

"Yeah, for fun she reads Christian fiction and coaches her kid's soccer team!!! Hahahahahaha! Part-time! Hahahaha!!!!!"

But, I couldn't help but think there is a first time for everything. And, I am completely resting in the fact that if God closes the door, there will be another one opening when the right time comes. And, it was kind of fun getting dressed up and playing "I have an important meeting to go to today"!


Beautiful Grace said...

I admire your resolve to put your family first!!! Good for you to not be ashamed to say so!!! :)

Livin' Life said...

You never know what God is going to do in the work place. Scott has been trying to go on this Bhutan missions trip in May but because of the nature of the trip the dates and times keep getting rearranged. His boss and company told him they would be totally flexible and let him have 13 days off in a row. It blew us away. They didn't even blink an eye. I can see if this was the Lords will you won't have any resistance.
I will be praying for you.

ComfyDenim said...

"But, I couldn't help but think there is a first time for everything."

If this is where you're supposed to be - it'll happen. Fun story. Can't wait to see the next chapter.

The Gang's All Here! said...

sooooo, very cool! when is the next interview? i kinda feel like i'm hangin' here waiting :) stranger things have happened in the workforce, and for FAR less admirable causes! and yes, dressing up for an important meeting is fun sometimes - reminds me why i like clothes :) the finished product is so pulled together as opposed to my comfy velour sweats and oversized turtleneck sweater :)