Friday, February 29, 2008

Uh. So. Anyone Else Spontaniously Quit Their Jobs Today?

After dealing with all the confrontation documented in my previous post, I tried to get some work done. After leaving countless voice mails that never get returned, a mean lady hung up on me. I burst into tears cursing every PMS demon that was attacking my mind today. I work at home about 15 hours a week and it is lonely. I leave voice mails and emails to set up appointments for my boss who is the owner of a promotional product company. So, even though I have valid contact information, people either ignore me or hang up on me confusing me with either an annoying telemarketer or a machine that has no feelings.

Today was not a good day for a mean lady to hang up on me.

I ended up having a heart to heart with my boss and he was very understanding. I told him I felt like I am just not doing what I am gifted to do. I need to be around people and do projects and events that people benefit from. I babbled on and on about not knowing what I am going to do, but sensing that God wants me to trust Him with the timing. So, as of the end of March I will be unemployed. I don't know what emotion is prevailing right now....relief or fear.


P. S. The offended mom called me back with "her daughter's side of the story". Her daughter burst into tears because she was shocked to find out she did anything wrong. With the amount of volcanic emotional pressure building in me I knew I had to stay upbeat and thank the good Lord that I am His temple in which He dwells and I needed to remember what I prayed for earlier. I think we ended the way-too-long conversation on a fairly good note (I tried to say some good, encouraging things about her daughter as I gently beat around the bush trying in not so many words to say "she's not really telling you the truth, WOMAN!").


Nicki said...

LOL... I recently quit my job spontaneously... without really giving notice, either! Sometimes you just come to this point where you think, "Enough is enough! Its not worth it!" Thats why I'm now watching my little nieces during the day, instead of a regular job. They pay me to do it... not as much as a regular job, and the hours are way longer, but you know what? I'm HAPPY!
Good luck!

Holding It Together said...

Wow, what a tough day! I could not handle that type of job either, and I have resisted several attempts by your boss to lure me away from the competition, especially since one of his former assistants worked with my company for a while.