Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Heart Them!

The girls came home to decorations in their room, a new book and a small quantity of their favorite candies. They were so excited! The little ones just screamed and screamed like there were tickets to Disney World on their beds. I had no idea what 2 rolls of 79 cent streamers could do!

They had a good day at school. #2 sheepishly showed me a little stuffed animal that a boy from her class gave her and admitted she was the only person in the class he gave one to. She assured me that they are "just friends" and she doesn't, you know, "like" like him. Meanwhile #3 has eaten most of whatever came home from her class Valentine exchange. And, #1 and some close friends exchanged treats. No boys involved!

GAS wants to take us out to dinner on a family date tonight so we are headed to Cracker Barrel in a little bit. Then, I never know what to get The Husband for Valentine's Day (or his birthday, or our anniversary or Christmas....) so I picked up a heart-shaped box of chocolates (which I don't think I ever did before). Someone gave us a box of chocolates at Christmas and he was always picking at them so I figured he would like them! I'll also be sure to give him goo-goo eyes over the dinner table when the kids aren't looking!

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Livin' Life said...

Sounds like a great day. We spent the evening at church. Our boys love streamers too. I have no idea why but they do but there were none at our house. :(
No chocolate or candy either just what they brought home and then I had to bum a few pieces from them because it just looked too good.:)