Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Hills Were Alive with the Sound of Screaming

The taxes are done! I did it! It took me 3 hours of furrowing my brows and looking at last year's tax return to figure it all out, but they are finished. HUGE SIGH.

While I did taxes, The Husband took the girls out sledding on our incredible hill out back. They love it! He even pulls them back up the hill on his four-wheeler until there is too much snow for him to get good traction. As this occurred, I tried to concentrate on Turbo Tax with 2 images flashing through my mind:

1. The four-wheeler flipping over backwards on one of the girls as they are getting pulled up the hill (each time that thought entered my mind I would pray the blood of Jesus to cover them and keep them safe).

2. The Dog getting steamrolled by the four-wheeler. And, most of you know how sad that would make me. Ah-hem. Oh, I'm just kidding! I'd probably shed a tear or two if she met her sudden untimely demise. After all, we've spent a fortune on her...she's our little investment....like a vacation home in Florida or a mutual fund....I have high hopes for her being like Lassie and saving someone's life some day to make up for all the cell phones, remote controls, IPods, walls, books, shock collars, socks and shoes she has destroyed.

But, since I was involved in my tax marathon I seriously had no input into any of the family activities except throwing on my boots with a broken zipper, my coat and hat. They looked like they were having fun and they were at the bottom of the hill. It was dark. I had no gloves or snow pants on.

Does anyone see where this is headed?

I grabbed the snow boogie board and took off down the hill.

OH MY WORD times one hundred!!!!!!!!

My entire life flashed before my eyes. My precious family didn't even know I was coming down the hill and all I kept thinking for the half second it took me to go the length of a football field was: "How do my children live through this???!!". I hit some sort of mogul (I don't even know if that is the right word) and when I landed snow covered me, but did not slow me down. I was screaming and covered in snow. Did I mention it was about 10 degrees outside and in that short amount of time my naked hands were on fire? Thankfully, they had frozen into a locked position onto the handles of the sled. I finally slowed down and realized I had to walk back up the blasted hill.

But, it was exhilarating. And, properly dressed in the daylight, it would have been a lot more fun.

I went back to the taxes (that didn't seem so scary anymore) and plugged away. The kids came in and after helping them out of their snow clothes, they started watching The Sound of Music. #2 and #3 had so many questions from the last time we watched it. I explained about Austria and the war and Hitler and the Nazis. I was giving them these "I'm distracted trying to do taxes" answers to their questions. But, I love this....at one point when the "bad guys" come to take away The Captain, #2 asked me "Are those the Yahtzees?".


Beautiful Grace said...

Great job with your taxes!!

Sounds like your family had a lot of fun in the snow. I haven't done that in years (I guess my age is showing). :)

Livin' Life said...

I am glad I am not the only mom who flops herself onto a sled and races down the snowy hills. Glad to hear taxes are done!!!

Classic MaMa said...

Ah yes, the dreaded Yatzees. :)

Thrills said...

I went sledding a couple years ago (before kids) and realized it is more scary than fun. Once Princess and Little Guy start sledding, I probably will join in their "fun" again. But until then, I think I will stay in my nice warm house.

The Gang's All Here! said...

Only you. Only you. I don't know anyone else that compares the terror of sledding down a hill at warp speed to the terror of tax time. Cracking me up here.

Left you a little comment in my comment box about the Cassidy boys :)