Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another Attitude Adjustment

I'm feeling a little extreme today. Sometimes, depending on what we are going through, I feel like my emotions are raw. Thankfully, it usually leads me back to realizing that this life I live is not about me, my job, my wife/mothering skills, my weight, my ministry, my is about participating in the Kingdom of God and His Will being done on earth in my little corner of the world he has assigned me to.

So often we lose our focus little by little until each day becomes survival and the fire is gone. I don't want to live in that place. I believe if I am in tune with where the Holy Spirit leads I can be a part of turning the world upside down for Christ. I especially feel called to help wake up the sleeping church, to teach the difference between religion and dead works versus a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ. So many Americans say they are Christians, but do they intimately know and passionately serve the One who saved them? This is not to judge or condemn....I think it is time for some of us to help break the chains that keep people in bondage to fear, mediocrity and selfishness. And, quite honestly, I don't think I'm doing my part. No excuses. It's like I have the cure for cancer, but I'm too busy/intimidated/tired to tell many people about it.

My challenge is to do something today that the Holy Spirit leads me to do that will make a difference in someone's life. Not just some random act of kindness so people think I'm nice (not that we shouldn't do these things). I'm talking about taking a risk today. Anyone want to join me and take a risk in your corner of the world?


Livin' Life said...

Are you prophetic because you were reading my mind this morning. Exactly what I have been wrestling with lately. :)
You go girl!!!

Beautiful Grace said...

Dear Melissa,


I have been pondering a picture I have hanging on my wall. I placed it there to remind me of the people all around me lost and dying, while we Christians stand by doing the "Christian Stuff." (I don't mean that to be condeming either). But if we hear Jesus sweet voice telling us to jump, how can we resist?

Holy Spirt please give Melissa, Livin' Life and myself the opportunities and power and guidance to impact those around us for eternity's sake.