Monday, February 4, 2008

Can You Believe It?

I'm helping this week at our elementary school book fair and I had a funny conversation with some of the moms. I asked if any of them blog and they stared at me like I asked if they eat human flesh. After I laughed (awkwardly) I tried to explain what that entails (side note: without spell check working I had to make sure I didn't type "entrails"because that would've changed the whole meaning of the sentence) and realized.....


They were probably thinking that I need to get a life. Or, get a grip because I babbled for a few minutes hoping one of them would say " Wow, cool", but they just nodded their heads and were like "Oh, that looks like a cute book on the shelf WAYYYY OVER THERE". A few chuckled, but it was one of those "are they laughing with me or at me?" deals.

I finally admitted it's more of a disease than a hobby. And, then (thank the Good Lord above) I pretty much shut up for the rest of the morning unless someone asked me a direct question.

One day, I'll realize I do not have to reign as the "Queen of Small Talk" and really, it's okay, to just be quiet around people I don't know very well!


Natalie said...

Wow, LOVE the look. It completely took me off guard and I had to do a double-take to make sure I was on the right blog.

As to your conversation yesterday with the ladies, they were probably silent b/c they were embarrassed that they didn't know about this super cool and cutting edge thing you were talking about and they didn't want to say much more or you'd realize they weren't a hip and progressive mom like yourself. Just wait...they'll all be blogging before the end of the school year!

Livin' Life said...

Just you wait!!! They will fall victim to this diabolical blogging world very soon. Then who will be laughing!!
BTW I still sit for a few minutes taking in your amazing design before I actually start reading.:)

purplemommy said...

Ha! I have gotten the same looks and head nodding! I blog about my kids food allergies and when I have mentioned to members of my support group (who are all in the same boat as me so why wouldn't they think it is cool) all I got was blank stares.

Beautiful Grace said...

The women’s stares were probably in response to your apparent technological advancement!!!

I remember the first time I heard about college students using e-mail to keep in touch...I know I stared d/t my lack of technology savvy.

Thank God for progress!!!!!

Have a fantastic God-day!!!!

Holding It Together said...

All I can say is - WOW! I have been mainly using Google Reader (especially if I am doing a sneak peek from work!) and I just now saw your amazing layout!

Regarding the school moms, just imagine if you started talking about My Space or Facebook!!

The Gang's All Here! said...

Haa Haaa, that happens to me all the time. Like, "how do you have time for that?" and "what is that? why would you do that?" or my fave: "what is the value in sharing your thoughts with the whole internet world? how do you really do that and be real and be yourself?" Ha. Obviously they've never read my blog. Or yours! Ha. Haa.

Love the new lay-out - I'm off the sick couch for a change of scenery and had to look twice like the others to be sure I was at the right place.