Monday, October 8, 2007

Getting in Touch with My Inner Rachael Ray

I've been spending quite a bit of time here. My family is happy about that. I have tried through out the years to prepare food from scratch with the occasional box of mac n cheese being used for emergency! In fact, one time I found a box of Tuna Helper at the back of the cabinet and I made it in a pinch. The kids were like "Mom, what is this? This is horrible, it's tastes like chemicals...are there trans fats in this?......" I took all of our plates and threw them away before anyone could try to take a second bite (which I don't think would have happened anyway!).

But, as good as homemade is, I was becoming bored with the food I was making, and I had noticed at the middle school magazine drive that I was helping with that a lot of people were ordering RR's magazine.

So, I've been printing her recipes and they have all been delicious. They are fairly easy and I've even done a few substitutions when necessary. I suggest you head over to her website and print off some for yourself!

And, please throw that Hamburger Helper away!


Promises Fulfilled said...

What's Hamburger Helper? We don't use that stuff in our house either! I think that we really cook things from scratch too - just tastes better and is healthier! I will have to check out her site - I am always interested in trying something new! said...

My husband LOVES Hamburger Helper and FORCES me to buy it now and then. (Then again, this is the same guy that tried Kibbles and Bits canned dog food after his brother told him how good it tasted... GAG.)

I think it's utterly disgusting... just the picture on the box is enough to make me gag! RR is great.. because I never do anything that takes me longer than 30 minutes to make (WHO HAS THE TIME???). I'm not one to follow a recipe, but every now and then I flip on her show or scan her recipes to find some inspiration.