Monday, October 1, 2007

I'm Thinking Happy Thoughts

I'm doing slightly better today. In fact, my morning devotional (which I haven't been reading, no surprise there) was from Philippians regarding our thoughts and how we should only meditate on things that are lovely, pure, excellent and praise worthy. No mention of meditating on thoughts that are angry, guilty or judgmental (at least not in my Bible!). Whoops. My bad.

I also realized, and am a bit embarrassed to admit, that I am a raging (literally) hormone with a bad case of PMS right now. I'm wondering if my lack of comments on yesterday's post was because everyone was like "Oh My Word! She's totally freaking out.....who kidnapped the silly lady and replaced her with the ranting lunatic?". I think I left the Internet world speechless with my wrath. I'm sorry. For the record, I had apologized to Coach M before I even left the field and he assured me I was not out of line. It is just so out of character for me to go .....uhhhh....what's the best word for how I acted?........BERSERK....that I felt awful on top of feeling awful.

But, I've gathered my wits about me by allowing God's word to wash my mind with thoughts that are good and pleasing. It actually helped me to enjoy my last night coaching our Kiddie Kicker game. Our final game and party ended the season on a good note.

Now, that is something excellent and praise worthy to think about!


Natalie said...

Sorry the blog world has been so silent while you've been going through a crisis.

Sometimes the only person who has the answer is God. The rest of us are left speechless.

The Gang's All Here! said...

Gosh, I go away for a weekend and things just blow up far away from me! :) Sorry that it's been a rough couple days - I'm behind on a lot of things but will stop to pray for you whenever I see the Walmart smiley face!

Promises Fulfilled said...

I am glad that the Lord is giving you peace in the situation.