Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm an ENFP!

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After checking this out on Classic Mama's and Like I Was Saying's blogs, I wondered if my personality changed, too?

Nope. Maybe just a bit toned down versus a few years back when I would have probably scored a 95% extroverted. I do like an occasional quiet night at home and I enjoy structure now. But, social events with gobs of people exhilarate me and don't drain me. Boring, routine, mundane tasks drain me! I need to read a few more of the details to fully understand all this, but that will be for later tonight when everyone goes to bed! Sometimes, I wish I could tone myself down a few notches because my loud, talkative personality grates on even my own nerves at times. I'm working on it! Being the "new mom" on the block has helped me listen more and talk less, so there is some progress being made!

Strangely enough, when they compare me to other (famous) people there were only a couple ladies and all the rest were men on my list! Dr. Suess, James Dobson and Bill Cosby just to name a few.


Natalie said...

we couldn't be more polar opposites if we tried!

The Gang's All Here! said...

I'm with ya! I always moan and groan to The Boss that I'm way more like the men in our lives than I am the women. Makes me glad I'm not alone :)