Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hell Hath No Fury Like That of a (Stage) Mother Scorned

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am chairing the Talent Show at our elementary school and I have been so excited! Our theme is "We're All in This Together" from High School Musical and I are going to emphasize this catch phrase while we rehearse by teaching about teamwork and our place in our community. Everyone is going to be asked to bring a non-perishable item to the show to support our local food bank. I've been praying for an atmosphere of unity.

Well, I better pray harder.

Yesterday, I sent the flyers out explaining auditions and how the show was going to be set up. Because of time limitations (the PTO begged me to keep it to an hour) the kids are going to get to chose what talent they do, but then we are going to help them make up the routine and we will chose their song and group them accordingly (thus eliminating the potential to have 3 girlfriends dressing up raunchy and gyrating to a Brittany Spears song).

Oooooooooh....some parents have not really embraced this change and I shudder to think of what my inbox is going to look like today after I received this email from a concerned parent last night:

Could you please explain more about your plans for the talent show? Specifically I'm interested in how the dance routine(s) will be handled. Will there be multiple dance routines? Is there a limit to the number of students on stage at one time? If there multiple dances, will the participants be grouped by skill levels? Who will be choreographing the routine? etc.etc.
My daughter was very excited about entering the talent show. She and 3 of her friends had already picked a song (from HSM2), had some dance and costume ideas, and had someone to write a routine for them. Now she doesn't even want to be in the show. I told her before she quits, I'd send you an email to get more information.

I believe I responded to her questions as best as I could and I explained the reasons why we have made some changes and I assured her the kids would have input in whatever routine they were going to do. What I really wanted to write back to her was:

Good! I hope she doesn't try out because I don't want any bratty girls with bad attitudes in THIS show.

But, I didn't write that! It was a little discouraging, though as I realized that perhaps there was a very good reason no one else stepped up to direct the Talent Show. Maybe they were the smart ones who recognized the potential of moms getting ugly and competitive. Notice I say "Moms" because the dads will pretty much do whatever you ask them to do and be reasonable about it!

So, if you could pray for me when you think of it. I was already feeling slightly overwhelmed by the thousands of details that must be worked out and I do not want to be distracted by feeling as if I am not qualified to do this. I take some consolation in knowing I have the support of the principle, music teacher and PTO presidents, but I also can't help but think about how in the Bible the same people who wanted Jesus to be king, turned on Him and crucified Him a few weeks later. People can be like that, you know? Okay, now maybe that was a little over dramatic!

I want this to be an experience the kids never a GOOD way! I have no hidden agenda and I believe I heard from God to take this on. But, I'll be honest...I'm scared.

update: this was her reply to my email.....Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. (my daughter) spent 7 years in dance and finally quit because she hated the weekly practices in large groups with no chance of standing out on her own. This just "smells" so much like what those things she hated about dance. She was so excited about the talent show because she was looking forward to doing what she wanted...with whom she the song she wanted...etc. I've suggested she go ahead and audition and then if she doesn't like the "assignment" she could just back out...but so far she's still saying no.

What a great way to teach commitment! If you don't like your part- just quit! This attitude reminds me of this. Oh, God....please keep my skin thick and my heart soft!!!


Say Anything said...

If you need some advice, Stretch directed the talent show at his middle school last year. It was a whopping THREE HOURS LONG! He did a great job and was really honest with the kids who had very little talent to offer to the show :)

Email/call me at home and I'll put you in touch with him! You're gonna do great!

Classic MaMa said...

You're doign a wonderful job, Melissa. Unfortuantely, you will get a few kids (parents) who want to be the "stars" of an ensamble. We'll pray that those get weeded out early (like this one) and perhaps they will see how cool the talent show comes off and want to be in it next year. Just keep going.

Thrills said...

I think it is an excellent idea to have the groups of kids perform. You have great ideas. Don't let these moms get you down. The majority will appreciate all of your hard work! I can't wait to hear how it goes.