Friday, October 5, 2007

Our Four Day Weekend

There are things I miss about homeschooling; however, what I could never really appreciate was holiday and vacation breaks because we saw each other every day. Well, we have a 4-day weekend thanks to our friend, Christopher Columbus and I am really looking forward to some down time....okay, maybe "down time" isn't exactly what we'll we be having, let's call it "quality time". Today we are getting my van fixed, getting pictures taken with my FREE coupon, going to watch the movie, Game Plan, and somehow I've got to squeeze in a couple hours of work and a trip to the library ( to explain that we lost 2 books during our move and we've renewed them 3 times!). The weekend will be spend at #2's soccer tournament and we will wrap up on Monday with a one hour trip to my mom's house to see her 2 new puppies. No, not much down time, in fact there are some potential stress indicators in that schedule! But, I prayed this morning for God to shower down His peace and strength and that we can get everything accomplished and make it a fun memory!

I'd really like to see the girls all get along thing that's hard for them to do when they are not used to being together all day....I nearly strangled them various moments over Labor Day weekend! I fought constantly with my brother growing up but I wasn't being raised in a God-fearing home and he was a boy. I love him to pieces, but I wasn't always a very good big sister. I don't want my trio growing up feeling guilty about the years they spent bickering instead of enjoying each other's company! I must say, it gets worse as they get older....when they were younger they hardly ever fought with each other. On the other hand, I was always hovering to intervene at that age! Now, I leave them to pretty much fend for themselves until there is bloodshed or excessive meanness.

Enjoy your holiday weekend! Go make some memories. Good ones.


The Gang's All Here! said...

I'm so jealous - we have no holiday weekend here. Apparently, Rosh Hashannah and Teacher In-services are more noteworthy, so we've already had some time off. Randomly. In the middle of very busy, hectic weeks. And they were spent shopping for fall shoes. Not MY fall shoes. So it was absolutely no fun for any of us. Except LadyBug - she got three pair. But no day off this week or next. Have fun and kiss the puppies :)

Thrills said...

I love holiday weekends too. Now that Hubby works for the state we get to enjoy long weekends together.

At this point we have no plans which is sometimes nice, but at the end of the weekend we think "we should have done this or that". We will figure something out.