Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My Last Game Coaching the Gray Elephants

This final game of the season ended my career of coaching soccer because next year #3 will be running with the "big dogs". That will require more detailed, experienced coaching then "kick the ball in the white team's goal" and "don't use your hands". I'll be happy to cheer from the side lines!

I was given a sweet gift certificate to Lady Foot Locker (funny, how my team doesn't really know me and actually thinks that I'm ATHLETIC....boy, I sure fooled them!). We had a pizza party and trophy presentation and now my schedule is a little less hectic.

By the way, you can imagine my delight at the beginning of the season when our team voted on the name The Gray Elephants....yes, that got quite a chuckle from the spectators when we would huddle up and shout "1, 2, 3, Gray Elephants!!". It really helped with my self-esteem issues, as if the Muffin Top comments weren't enough! Just kidding.....I'll always remember the Gray Elephants!

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Classic MaMa said...

You are such an awesome mom!!! I love the picture of you smiling at the little girl. If there were more coaches like you, I probably would have played sports. ;)