Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Random and More Random

I, being the kook that I am, had to run around the playground with the kids after dinner tonight. So I could blog.

This is probably going to be filled with the some of the many random thoughts that have crossed my mind recently so consider yourselves warned.

First and foremost.....Dancing with the Stars!!! Oh my word.....Sabrina and whoever the guy is (Eric?) got a PERFECT score last night. And, although I personally preferred last week's hand jive, I found myself holding my breath almost the entire time they danced because it was so intense. And, kudos to their rendition of You Spin Me Right Round Baby Right Round Like a Record Baby, Right Round Round Round, by Dead or Alive. And, speaking of the 80's, The Husband and kids are watching American Gladiators as I am typing this. The winning prize is only $2500!! Ha!

I had an idea for my next business. It is called the Restaurant Doctor. I would like to go in and fix all the problems with restaurants that are pathetic, but have potential. Not that I am completely qualified since you know, I closed my own restaurant a year or so ago because it was failing. Not miserably, and at least I have a good track record with the Subways we had. So, that should even things out a bit on my resume. But, anyway, there are so many restaurants out there that just need a tweak or 10 and I can do that. They don't even have to pay me money, I can be compensated in food. It's genius, pure genius, I tell you!

My other random thoughts are way too complex to get into now, but involve the mean middle school lunch ladies that make kids dump out their food if they go over the limit on their debit card. Or, the strange dream I had again last night about being in a play that I never rehearsed for (Little Abner, which I've never even seen). Or, the slow, but steady climb out of the mysterious funk I've found myself in for the last few months. Way too much to blog about in one sitting.


Beautiful Grace said...

I was one of the town girls in the play "Little Abner" in my junior year in high school.

I've also had dreams about playing parts in a drama I hadn't rehersed or playing an instrument in an orchestra, but having no music. I think the Lord is trying to tell us to be prepared...don't you?

Blessings, blessings, blessings!!!! :)

Natalie said...

I think Plain and Simple (or maybe it was Steph) was telling me about a show already on TV that sounds very much like your Restaurant Doctor idea. It's on FOX. Anyone know more details?