Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Jury Has Reached a Verdict

I had read a review of this Tide Pen not working very well on anything but fresh coffee stains. I would like to come to the defense of the Tide Pen. I used it on a week-old chocolate pudding stain on the fabric of one of my counter stools and it got the stain out. It also worked on a day old ketchup stain on a white shirt.

Due to the large amount of both ketchup and chocolate that my family consumes, that alone is worth stocking up on the 5-packs at my local Giant.

I now need a product that gets pen off my eggshell-colored microfiber couch. I know. You're wondering why with 3 kids and a dog I even bought a light colored couch when dark brown would have been a much more practical choice. I wanted to look like a sophisticated grown-up, okay? I wanted to pretend my off-white couch would stay that color because no one that lives here would ever do somersaults, eat, drink, shed, slobber or color on it.

I'm allowed an occasional delusional moment, aren't I? Humor me, please!

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