Sunday, November 25, 2007

Does Everything We Do Have To Be A Major Theatrical Production??!

We went and got our tree today and in typical oH mY wORD family style we were the loudest family at the tree yard (much to The Husband's dismay). We were all (except the afore-mentioned Husband) passionately excited about what tree would be the MOST! PERFECT! TREE! EVER! #2 and I happened upon a tree that was big and when I say big, I don't necessarily mean tall, I mean "lay off the fries" big. We even named it Oscar. I'm not sure why, but we did. After a complete split decision that got louder and louder and had The Husband standing further away from us as each moment passed trying to pretend he was with a nice quiet family, happily agreeing about their perfect not-so-big-around-the waist tree. #2 had her arms wrapped around Oscar and I was accused of petting him while we explained that everyone else gets nice looking trees that are so well proportioned they look fake, and that Oscar would probably die in this tree graveyard all alone because he was.....well.....he was different.

I finally caved (to #2's horror) and went with #1 and The Husband's choice because it was a nice looking tree and I DID want to get home at some point today and end The Husband's afternoon of humiliation. But, when we brought the men over to "chop" it down or whatever they do I noticed the tree had sort of a yellowish tinge to it. Well, #1 quickly agreed that we should get Oscar because I think:

1. She felt sad that #2 was forlornly standing by Oscar with the biggest boo-boo face ever (I actually think she was praying and asked God to curse the wretched tree that had taken Oscar's place).

2. A yellow tree could be a sign of some form of remote tree sickness that could be passed on to humans while they sleep, particularly 11 year old females.

So, without further ado I present to you (drum role please).........OSCAR:

Sorry he's naked...we'll be dressing him in array of mismatched, no-theme ornaments and lights tomorrow. Isn't he just the sweetest tree ever??


Thrills said...

I think we got an "Oscar" too. I will post about it soon.

Natalie said...

It looks like Oscar needs a diet.

Krazy Klingers said...

We had an Oscar last year and it swallowed up our living room! Oh it also brought us spiders that we were killing for 3 months afterwards.

Beautiful Grace said...

We don't have a tree yet, but last year's tree was an experience. It had a beautiful orange citrus smell to it...the only problem it shed it needles and I do mean shed.

Maybe I should look for an Oscar this year too. :)