Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Thinking About My Wedding Day(s)

I was really provoked when I read this scripture from Isaiah this morning....

As a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, so will You, my God, rejoice over me at Your appearing (Isa. 62:5).

I thought back to my own wedding day and how The Husband reacted to me walking down the aisle. It was beautiful....we tease him that he cried like a baby, but I felt so much love coming from him. I felt like he and I (and God) were the only ones in the church!

I wonder, when Jesus comes for me, His bride, will I be worth rejoicing over? Jesus thinks so. Sometimes I don't think so. When I am walking close to Him and obeying and praising Him for all He has done, then I feel worthy to be His bride. But, there are days when my Bible goes untouched and my temper flares. Those days, I'm too ashamed to put on the pure white wedding dress to meet my bridegroom.

Thankfully, He is the God of restoration! "This walk" is about falling down and letting Him pick me up. I do not want to stay down, not really. Sometimes it is comfortable to get in the fetal position and push everyone away. Then, I start to think what would a real bride do? I have to remind myself that there is a loving bridegroom waiting for me, to protect me and shower me with unconditional love. I am accepted. Even more than just "accepted"!

Wow! He rejoices over us!


Classic MaMa said...

There is nothing you can do that would make you more accepted by Him. That's a tough concept for us to grasp. Nothing we do can change the way He feels about us. Nothing.

Have a wonderful day, blessed woman who is God's choice posesion!

Hands-Free Heart said...

I know it in my head, but I too, have trouble knowing it in my heart sometimes. I also eloped, so I don't really have a personal example to start with.

Thank you for sharing this reminder. I'm going to ponder this more tonight.