Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Hired Help

This adorable dishwasher wore a bathing suit all day today and begged to turn the hose on because, at 60 degrees, it was SO HOT outside! We argued about this every hour on the hour. She is a persistent one. I was tempted to give in to see the look on her face when the icy blast of water hit her (that would teach her!). But, then I remembered that she squeals with delight at being doused with cold water, so I stuck by my very firm NO. The child wore shorts to soccer this morning and I had to hide her flip flops. People stared at her and I could tell they were wondering if they should call child services because, obviously, the poor girl's mother doesn't know how to dress her properly! I had to keep telling them that cold weather just does not faze her when they asked where her jacket, hat, gloves and shoes were. I've become quite good at sounding convincing since I've had plenty of practice for the last 3 years of her life. So far, no one has reported us......

I hope she gets over this by menopause or she'll completely melt during those hot flashes!

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