Tuesday, November 20, 2007

More Excessive Mom Bragging

See below how we cleverly covered her name and isn't my pink RAZR phone just adorable??!

Today is #1's election for mayor. This year in social studies they participate in a program called JA Biztown. The kids study life skills and economics and then go to this "town" and live a day in the life of_________________. They go to their jobs, pay taxes, eat in restaurants and if they don't pay their fines, they even go to jail! #1 is running for mayor with about 10 other classmates and has to give her speech today. I am trying to not be biased, but this kid CAN SPEAK! She gave her speech at the dinner table last night (I only helped polish it a tiny bit over the weekend) and The Husband sat there with his mouth almost hanging open because she could easily have been in a college public speaking class. Good eye contact & body language, no "ummm" and loud, clear and not too rushed. Except for looking almost too serious, it was fabulous! I tried to teach her to "smile with her eyes" and she caught on to it after we laughed hysterically at her mimicking me! The problem is that no matter how good her speech is, the kids still vote for who they want and it can be just another "election" in a long list of "popularity" contests. She actually addresses that problem in her speech.

I decided after I dropped her professional-looking self off at school this morning with her bagged cookies that said "Vote for #1....she's one smart cookie" that I want to go into a mother/daughter marketing consultant business after she graduates from college. She wants to be a third grade teacher, but I want to work with her because she is very clever and talented and if this is just sixth grade, what are the next ten years going to look like??!

We'll be rich, I tell you. RICH! Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!! (sinister laughter)

Just kidding. That would certainly be the least of my reasons. As we have campaigned this last week, we have grown closer. In fact, she had to be "interviewed" for the position and the last question she was asked was who she most admired and why. She said "my mom". That's ME!!! She said ME!! When asked why, she said because I am helpful and always there for her when she needs me. Gulp. Eyes filling up with tears. Lump in my throat.

So whether she is a third grade teacher, my business partner or president of the United States of America I know we'll aways have a special bond and I'll always be proud of her! And, I'll look back fondly on this campaign we worked on together because we both won no matter what happens with the election!


On Fire For Jesus said...

That is really cool. You are a neat mom, a really neat one!

The Gang's All Here! said...

How very cool! And validating for you and The Hubs - you should be very proud (in a godly, humble sort of way!) of the amazing young woman - so don't apologize for excessive Mom bragging. Congrats to all of you on a very creative campaign :)