Friday, November 16, 2007

Rambling Thoughts in Line at the Grocery Store

1. Matt Damon is NOT the sexiest man alive. Sorry, People Magazine. The hottest man alive would have to be my one and only, The Husband.

2. I have such mixed feelings over the array of gift cards being sold at Giant for other chain stores. I'm sorry, but that requires so little thought and isn't that the point of giving a gift? To be THOUGHTFUL. YET, I am strangely relieved that instead of emergency buying the very obvious "grocery store" gift (aka box of candy/fruit basket/flowers/ground beef) I can actually get something of value that the recipient will actually use. Ohhhhh....I just can't decide what to think about it and isn't it sad that I can't somehow find some resolve about something so unimportant?

3. My final thought in the line was how I would need to lose about 127 pounds to squeeze past the "tractor trailer" size cart (with the kid seats. Oh yeah. You know which one I'm talking about) and actually be able to put my groceries on the belt without becoming a contortionist. The irony is that for as much as #3 BEGS and PLEADS in all ranges of LOUDNESS, she jumps ship after the produce aisle and doesn't even ride in the darn cart for the next 45 minutes until our journey comes to an end. And, yet, we repeat this ordeal each and every time we go to the store. Why? Because, as my good friend, Hannah Montana says, "my brain is the size of a peanut".


Natalie said...

1. No, but he's a close second.

2. You give beef as a gift??

3. When it comes to the tractor trailer cart, I also have a brain the size of a peanut.

Melissa said...

Yes, I've been known to give meat as a gift. Usually with a crockpot or something equally as charming. I'll wrap it up all pretty and then just keep it in the fridge until it is time to exchange gifts!

The Gang's All Here! said...

1. Nat's right, he's a close second to our darling hubs. Edging them out only by the "does his own stunts" action movies and boyish grin

2. That's a fabulous idea - I wish I'd thought of it. Interesting that you say that about gift cards - hot topic of debate on a consumer survey group that I do work for occasionally! And even split for the same reasons you are undecided.

3. I'm a mean mommy. I have outlawed those dumb things. Not only am I not (ahem) slender enough to work around them, I'm just short enough to not be able to reach INTO them unless I'm completely sandwiched between the rails of the cart digging into my belly and the candy display racks digging into my butt! Not a pretty sight for any of us!

And I'm impressed that you THINK in line - I just go into a neutral, zombie like state.