Thursday, November 29, 2007


3 is the number of shoes the STUPID dog has eaten in the last 12 hour period. 3 shoes from 3 different pairs so basically she has rendered 6 shoes inoperable.

1 pair of The Husband's dress shoes (which he wears about 4 times a year but still needs to have on hand) and 1 of my sassy black boots and 1 of my favorite slip-ons that took me nearly forever to find the exact pair I was looking for.

About 2 weeks ago she ate one of my black dress shoes that I wear about twice a year, but are very much needed for functions like the one I am attending tomorrow night!

I know, you're wondering why she even has access to the closet with the shoes.

Don't you remember? I have a brain the size of a peanut.

I guess I'm shoe shopping later today as if I don't have enough to do and spend money on!

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TCC said...

Our dog chewed on one of my shoes when she was a puppy. Just one. She has never even glanced at one of our shoes since. And it's been 8.5 years since. I'll have to tell you the tale sometime.