Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Dropped the Ball

As I mentioned in my previous post, I attended a meeting tonight regarding a reading intervention program that #3 was recommended for. The guilt would be unbearable if not for the grace of God!

Reading to my kids somehow went from a privilege 10 years ago to drudgery now and it is showing. #3 will be staying through lunch and the afternoon two days a week to have fun learning literacy. You know....something HER MOTHER should have been teaching her at home the last six years of her life. But, no....her mother is sick, sick, sick of Danny and the Dinosaur and The Foot Book. I am ashamed of myself.

I pride myself (that's bad, too) on sacrificing for my family, yet somehow I missed the boat here. And, I'm embarrassed to even admit it. Let's face it. #3 was raised in a restaurant and spent many of her days watching videos in a playpen. Baby Einstein can only do so much. She is still a TV junkie only with some computer time thrown in. I'll offer to read to her and the only time she wants to is if she can avoid bedtime by letting me read to her. Thankfully, her love for the outdoors, music and cooking gives me something enticing to offer her besides the one thousandth rerun of Kim Possible. As I type this, SHE IS WATCHING TV!!!! I gotta go now.....time to ask for her forgiveness and do this "Mom thing" right.


The Gang's All Here! said...

I totally know what you are feeling right now. I went through a similar intervention and resulting guilt when LadyBug started public school after homeschooling for Kindgergarten. Only it was math. She didn't "get" it then and I immediately assumed it was all my fault. But she's been in public school for 2 years (this is her 3rd) and she still struggles. Math homework is a nightmare, almost every night, and each new problem is as if she's never seen it before.

Hang in there - sometimes it just clicks differently for them and it doesn't all lay at your doorstep. That was a hard truth for me, as the first two clicked without me really trying. (It was interesting to me that I took all the credit for their successes, but that I also took all the blame for her struggles. Showed me how self-focused I was over that area!)

I'm glad she's getting help early - that will make a huge difference for all of you.

Natalie said...

Hey, I'm right there with you. Except my #1 still struggles with reading and #2 can barely count to 20 and can't tell a "P" from a "D". Ironically, #3 actually loves reading books, something first two never really liked.

As easy as it would be to blame ourselves, each kid is going to have unique struggles in school. Could I have done more to prepare #1 and #2 for learning to read? Probably. But we'll never know for sure. and, frankly, I've got plenty of guilt to carry around without taking on new guilt.

I am just glad your school is being proactive and addressing the concern early. It's much easier to get her back on track then waiting till she's in third grade and acknowledging there's a problem.

Praise God for a school that cares!