Monday, November 12, 2007

It's Her Party, She Can Fly If She Wants To

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Super Number Three!
We had a bunch of superheros over to save the day and celebrate Super Number Three's top secret birthday mission!

We played "Pass the Kryptonite". (I know that isn't spelled right). We also discovered that the "Bad Girl" in black stole the cupcakes....

So, after we found her hiding, the superheros tied her to a chair......

We made a web for Spiderman.

After our pinata and some obstacle course runs to test our endurance and agility we had cupcakes (that "Super Frugal Mom" bought for $5.19 at Costco an hour before the party started because she thought the 1/4 sheet cake from Weis with Spiderman on it for $17.99 was a rip-off!).

Here are all the superheros with their masks (I can't reveal their true identities) and the "Bad Girl" is in jail so she can't steal anymore cupcakes.

Mission accomplished.

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Beautiful Grace said...

You are so creative!! Your kids are blessed to have you, and the memories you provide for them will last for their lifetime.